Technology Tool Categories

  • Image of letters to symbolize all categories of toolsAll Programs
    View an alphabetical listing of all programs in our database
  • Adapted KeyboardsAdapted Keyboards
    Adapted keyboard (e.g., large keys, on-screen keyboard, macros, keyboard customization)
  • Alternative MiceAlternative Mice
    Alternative mouse (e.g., track ball, touch pad, mouse keys, joystick mouse, mouse features)
  • DictationDictation
    Dictation software (software writes what you say, speech recognition, speech-to-text, issue voice commands for "Save," "Open," etc.)
  • Dictionary/ReferenceDictionary/Reference
    Dictionaries, translation tools, encyclopedias, reference managers
  • MagnificationMagnification
    Software that enlarges what is on the screen (magnification, alternate cursors, zoom)
  • Organization/ProductivityOrganization/Productivity
    Software that helps keep organized (e.g. calendars, event alarms, concept mapping)
  • OtherOther
    Other software
  • Scanning and OCRScanning and OCR
    Scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) (scans and reads paper documents, form filler software, scan and zoom software)
  • Screen ReadingScreen Reading
    Software that reads what is on the screen (screen reader, text-to-speech, listen to text instead of reading it, math reader)
  • WritingWriting
    Software that improves writing quality (e.g. grammar/spell check, outlining, word prediction)