The Adaptech Research Network consists of a team of academics, students and consumers. We conduct research involving college and university students with a variety of disabilities in Canada. We are based at Dawson College in Montreal and have been in existence since 1996.

The Adaptech Research Network is led by Co-Directors:

Our areas of focus are:

  • Use and accessibility of information and communication technologies in postsecondary education,
  • Facilitators and barriers to academic success, and
  • Free or inexpensive software useful to students with various disabilities.

We conduct our research bilingually and are funded by federal grants. Our goal is to provide empirically based information to assist and inform decision making that ensures that new policies and new information and communication technologies reflect the needs and concerns of a variety of stakeholders including:

  • College and university students and recent graduates with a variety of disabilities,
  • The professors who teach them, and
  • The campus service providers who make technological, adaptive, and other supports available to the higher education community.