Jennison Asuncion


Jennison Asuncion is a dynamic speaker intimately familiar with the Canadian and American postsecondary education ICT accessibility landscape. Now residing in the USA, he has lived in both Toronto and Montreal, where he worked on digital accessibility in the financial services industry and volunteered with several non-profit organizations. He is known for his scholarly, professional, and community efforts, including: having been a Board Member (later Senior Advisor) to the Canadian National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS). He is a co-director of the Canadian Adaptech Research Network and a member of the advisory council of CSUN (California State University Assistive Technology Conference). Recent achievements include: co-founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, keynote speaker at San Francisco Future of Web Design Conference, as well as founder of Accessibility Camp Toronto and Accessibility Camp Bay Area events. In 2012, he received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recognizing his accessibility contributions in Canada.