Accessibility of eLearning in Postsecondary Education

Status: Completed Projects
Year: 2005
This Project was completed in 2005

This three-year Canadian study examined the accessibility for students with disabilities of the various forms of e-Learning now used in Canadian colleges and universities. By investigating current and forecasted e-Learning trends in Canadian higher education, we:

  1. Identified facilitators and barriers for students with disabilities, and
  2. Generated and disseminated best practices for both the higher education and post-secondary e-Publishing communities.

The research involved:

  • Post-secondary students with disabilities (including learning disabilities) who have used some form of e-Learning;
  • Professionals who provide disability-related supports on campus;
  • Individuals who lead and/or support e-Learning initiatives in their institutions;
  • Faculty who have taught students with disabilities using some form of e-Learning; and
  • Publishing industry executives responsible for post-secondary e-Packs and e-Courses.