Maria Barile


Maria was a co-director of the Adaptech Research Network.

She had more than thirty years experience as a community worker with women with disabilities. Maria Barile was one of the original group of 17 women that started the Dis-Abled Women’s Network (DAWN) Canada, one of the founders of Action des femmes handicapées (Montréal) and the Regroupement des activistes pour l’inclusion au Québec (RAPLIQ).

Having published in the area of disability, feminism, and technology, Maria offered workshops and lectures on issues of ableism/disableism. In the past 20 years she presented to various commissions on the use of Depo provera, violence and other issues that affect women with disabilities. Within Eco-Access which she was the founder, she conducted workshops, consultation and accessibility audits.

Maria passed away on July 24, 2013. She will be greatly missed.