Development and Validation of the POSITIVES Scale (Postsecondary Information Technology Initiative Scale)

Status: Completed Projects
Year: 2009
This Project was completed in 2009

The Adaptech Research Network developed the Positives Scale, a 26 item questionnaire allowing students with disabilities to assess how well their information and communication technology (ICT) needs are being met on and off campus. Results can be used to evaluate how well an institution’s ICTs meet students’ needs; provide empirical data to influence ICT policy; and pinpoint areas of strength as well as areas for improvement, all from the perspective of students with different disabilities.

Statistically reliable and valid, the scale can be completed online, within a Word document, or on paper in either English or French. The research behind the development of the POSITIVES Scale involved 1354 university and junior/community college students with a variety of disabilities from across Canada, and was funded by a grant from the Canadian Council of Learning.