Database of Free & Inexpensive Computer Technologies

Status: Ongoing Projects
Year: 1999-present

One concern that has been repeated throughout all of our studies has been the issue of the high cost of adaptive software and hardware. In response to this, we have undertaken the compilation of a list of free and/or inexpensive hardware and software alternatives that might be useful. Some of these are long-running demos, while others are fully functional.

We in no way are suggesting that these replace the higher end hardware and software currently on the market. However, as a short-term solution, or for the purposes of trying out different adaptive technologies, we think they are a good place to start.

We also produced a series of short video clips have been developed to demonstrate four free or inexpensive computer technologies that are useful for individuals with disabilities. They are ReadPlease, WordQ, Text Aloud and OmniPage.

To view any of the video clips, you will need a free copy of Windows Media Player which is available for download from Microsoft. These video clips are fully captioned.

We have updated our extensive database of free and inexpensive adaptive technology, including Apple Apps (i.e, iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) and Android Apps. We also reviewed built-in accessibility features for Apple computers, Windows 7, iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

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