Access to College for All – Computer and Information Technologies for Students with Disabilities

Status: Completed Projects
Year: 2000
This Project was completed in 2000

The focus of this grant funded empirical research project was on cegeps -Quebec’s community colleges. As cegeps prepare to integrate technology-based learning into the curriculum, we felt it was imperative that new college-wide policies on software and hardware include the perspectives of: (1) cegep students with disabilities, (2) the professors who teach them, and (3) the disability service providers and other student services and high tech professionals who make technological, adaptive, and other supports available to the cegep community.

What made this research dramatically different from our Canada-wide studies was that here the focus was exclusively on the policies and priorities of Quebec’s college system. Cegep students and disability service providers face situations and constraints that are different from those of universities or the primarily English speaking colleges in the rest of Canada. In this series of 3 studies we made an in-depth, comprehensive evaluation of the computer, information and adaptive computer technologies needs and concerns of students with disabilities in the cegeps.