Built-in Feature: Windows 10

High Contrast : Increase contrast

Allows the user to increase the contrast making it easier to read what is on the screen. It can be activated by pressing Left Shift + Left Alt + Print Screen.

Detailson: High Contrast : Increase contrast
Built-in Feature: Windows 10

Magnifier : Magnification / Zoom

Allows the user to either enlarge the entire screen or sections of it through a “lens”. The user has control over the position of the lens. The mouse can interact with the magnified objects through the lens.

Detailson: Magnifier : Magnification / Zoom
Built-in Feature: Windows 10

Narrator : Screen reader / Text-to-speech

This is a screen reader that comes with Windows operating systems. It can read what is displayed on the screen, including menus and text.

Detailson: Narrator : Screen reader / Text-to-speech