Ace Buddy

Screen Reading, Windows

Ace Buddy is a speech utility based on Microsoft Agent technology. Ace Buddy can read any text in any window: simply select the text you want to be read and press Ctrl+C.

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ACE-HIGH Text To Speech Reader

Screen Reading, Windows

ACE-HIGH Text to Speech is text-to-speech software that reads documents, PDF files, websites, blogs, emails, news articles, or clipboard. This software can also save text in audio format (WAV, MP3).

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Aldo’s Magnifier

Magnification, Windows

Aldo’s Magnifier is a freeware version of the Windows 98/2000 magnifier, but for use in Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000. It provides limited magnification on a cross-section of the screen. Through a horizontal split, one side is magnified while the other remains at normal screen size.

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Alive Text to Speech

Screen Reading, Windows

Alive Text to Speech is text-to-speech software. To have this software read text aloud, the user has to copy it to the clipboard (CTRL + C). Alive Text to Speech can also save text in audio format (MP3, WAV, OGG or VOX).

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Screen Reading, Windows

Announcify is an extension for Google Chrome that reads web pages aloud. Users can choose between 20 voices in 16 different languages. Users can also modify the speed and pitch of the voices.

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Antidote 9

Writing, Windows

Antidote includes an advanced grammar checker, a collection of dictionaries, and a set of interactive language guides. Antidote integrates with major word processors and email programs. Antidote is designed to handle French or English, depending on the language chosen upon download. An additional language module can be purchased seperately.

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Alternative Mice, Windows

Autoclic is a mouse tool that allows users to click with the left mouse button at regular intervals or at random times.

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Adapted Keyboards, Windows

AutoHotKey is software that allows the user to create keyboard and mouse shortcuts for certain actions (launch software, open a file, etc.). However, this software uses a special scripting language that the user has to learn to be able to create shortcuts.

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AXON Idea Processor

Organization/Productivity, Windows

Axon Idea Processor is mind mapping software. It helps in organizing ideas and concepts.

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