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ATBar is a free open source toolbar with multiple assistive technology tools. The full version is available for chrome, but a Lite version is available for other browsers and for Windows. The extension allows users to change text sizes, styles, colors, spacing and color overlays. However, settings reset for each new page. The dictionary works well. Text-to-speech functionality is available on many pages but does not work on Google or Microsoft. Spellchecker, word prediction and tool do not appear to function consistently in August 2021.

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Writing, Chrome Browser Extensions

Grammarly helps users reduce writing errors from grammar, spelling, style and tone. Users receive real-time feedback from Grammarly on Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Outlook and most places online. It offers a writing assistant that gives one specific suggestions to help users improve their writing — and it goes way beyond grammar. It helps users to write clearly and concisely. Registration is required to receive a personalized writing report each week that enables one to track progress and identify improvement areas.

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Helperbird: Accessibility & Dyslexia Software

Screen Reading, Writing, Chrome Browser Extensions

Helperbird is an extensive extension that offers most accessibility tools including display, reading ruler, dictation, translation, annotation, screenshot text recognition, magnification, text to speech and more. The extension is designed with people who have learning disabilities in mind with clear icons and menu. Right clicking on an item and selecting Helperbird will immediately show available options such as reader mode, translation etc. Some features need to be set up in settings, but there is a convenient search section. Cons: dictation, snapshot text extraction and summary did not function well when testing.

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Sapling Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant

Writing, Chrome Browser Extensions

Sapling is a tool that can be added to the browser in order to check spelling, grammar, and make autocomplete suggestions. To use it, click on the icon and begin to type in the box that appears. The user can enter the “tab” button to accept autocomplete suggestions, and they can go back and change any errors that Sapling has flagged and accept their replacements. Then, they can copy and paste this text into a website or document to have proofed work. Note that the user must sign up in order to use this extension and confirm their email.

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