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ATBar is a free open source toolbar with multiple assistive technology tools. The full version is available for chrome, but a Lite version is available for other browsers and for Windows. The extension allows users to change text sizes, styles, colors, spacing and color overlays. However, settings reset for each new page. The dictionary works well. Text-to-speech functionality is available on many pages but does not work on Google or Microsoft. Spellchecker, word prediction and tool do not appear to function consistently in August 2021.

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Other, Chrome Browser Extensions

Coffeelings is a journaling web extension where the user can write about their day or anything else in a textbox and pick a mood based on a selection of “coffee roasts” daily. The web extension will show a calender of blocked colours based on the days that have journal entries and a colour based on the selected coffee roast. The web extension can also work offline.

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